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Infant hearing loss is an emergency should be managed as soon as possible
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Are you with hearing loss, here is the solution as you are in safe hands
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Bayya ENT offers numerous surgical options to treat your hearing or ear condition using state of the art Zeiss microscopy and endoscopy equipment.




We are specialised in complete nasal, skull base and cosmetic surgeries. We use storz HD endoscopy equipment for giving the best possible results.


We offer wide variety of surgeries related to throat and oral cavity. We are equipped with Smith & Nephew coblation II technology which helps in near blood less surgeries related to oral cavity and snoring surgeries.

Head and Neck

We are well trained in the field of head and neck surgery and have successfully completed many head and neck region tumours, salivary gland surgeries. We utilize microscope to give the best possible tumour clearance which even aids in nerve preservation. We are equipped with latest generation vessel sealer device which seals all vessels with out usage of ties, this greatly reduces blood loss during surgery.

Cochlear implants for complete Hearing loss

We are the first hospital in the new state of Andhra Pradesh to complete more than 1500 successful cochlear implants for kids and adults suffering from complete hearing loss in one or both ears. We are equipped with state of the art Cochleo Vestibular Lab and good audio verbal therapy team. We do Cochlear Implant surgeries in state of the art Laminar Airflow Operation Theatres to provide best aseptic environment during surgery. We are empanelled with state government Aarogyasri scheme, CM relief fund as well as Central government ADIP scheme to aid in cochlear Implant surgeries. We are well associated with all three major CI companies and with their help we are ready to provide thinnest profile cochlear implant with a Bluetooth streaming processors at the cheapest rates possible.

Bone Conduction Implants

Dr Bayya Sudhir and Dr Bayya Srinivasa Rao are one of the few doctors who are well trained in wide variety of bone conduction implant devices and aids to help in people with microtia Anotia, single sided deafness or people who lost hearing due to chronic ear infections or surgeries.


We are specialized in diagnosing and managing all kinds of eye related diseases. We also have an advanced Best in class Zeiss Lumera I microscope with ALCON PHACO machine for advanced cataract surgery in LAMINAR THEATRE.
We also have BEST IN CLASS ZEISS OCT RETINA SCAN AND ZEISS RETINA MULTIPATTERN LASER (fast and painless compared to other lasers)
We have a fundus camera for Retina Imaging and BSCAN Ultrasonography and UBM for scanning anterior and posterior segments of the eye in media opacities.
Dr Bayya Swetha (Gold Medal MS) operation is specialized and trained in PHACO Catarct Surgery and Uveitis and Retina in LVPRASAD EYE Hospital, vizag and ICARE Hospital, Noida.

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