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Hearing is one of those things most of us take for granted and it is only when it is taken away, especially if it is sudden, that we realize just how important it is for our safety, our communication with others, our sense of belonging, the pleasure of sound and so much more. We at Bayya ENT  provide the best treatment depending on the type and cause of hearing loss. There are several types of hearing aids that can be prescribed, and surgical treatments such as cochlear implants may be indicated. Each patient is unique and comprehensive workup by our experienced team of neuro-otologists is the first step to determining the best treatment.

There are several obvious indicators of hearing loss. For example, a patient may report having to ask people to repeat themselves or turning the television volume louder than the rest of the family. A patient may also think that many people mumble or have difficulty communicating in a noisy environment. A one-on-one encounter, such as a patient-clinician conversation in a quiet room, may not be a good indicator of hearing loss because there are many redundant cues in the speech message. However, if the patient shows obvious difficulty during a conversation in a quiet room, hearing loss is almost certain.

Hearing loss is a silent problem affecting millions of patients who receive treatment for other health conditions. Screening for hearing loss could be implemented easily into a primary care environment to identify and treat patients at an early stage. Bayya ENT offers numerous treatment options and technology to improve communication and quality of life for a substantial number of people.

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